BitOoda Afternoon Report 10/10/19

Good Afternoon. We put this piece out a little bit later than usual due to the busyness of our sales team working on an options deal late yesterday and early into today. Our core strengths here at BitOoda are in derivatives markets, and we truly enjoy rolling up our sleeves and getting busy by working to breakdown our clients risks, understand their market thesis’, and presenting the optimal trade to give them the best risk/reward profile they are looking for. This afternoon we structured and printed the V (10/25/19) 8000/7500/7000 PUT TREE for $60.
As we wait for the launch of exchange listed options, as previously announced by CME for Q1 2020, we can still provide immense value to clients in structuring the best trade, and finding the right counterparty to take the other side of that trade. To date, our clients have found success in trading BTC Options both bi-laterally versus OTC Volatility market makers and via the Deribit Exchange. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you regarding your options trading needs, please connect with us and we can set aside time to learn about your current trading mechanics and how we can add value to your operations and business.

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