BitOoda Research — Comparative ASIC Profitability and Economics: ~200-Day Payback for S9/S17-Class Rigs vs. 320 Days for S19s

Bitcoin ASIC mining rigs remain in short supply. Given the challenges miners are facing procuring rigs, we examined the economics of mining with older -generation rigs, and the payoffs of utilizing older rigs vs. paying up for next-generation rigs right now. Click here to read this latest report from BitOoda’s research team.


The price of ASICs remains high, even for less efficient older-generation S9 and S17-class rigs

Despite this, payback periods mining bitcoin with older-generation rigs are significantly more attractive than with new-generation rigs

Miners should hold on to, or procure (if possible) older-generation rigs, as they present a faster return on investment

present a faster return on investment