Constantinople — Round 2

On January 4th, we wrote a speculative trade piece for the January 16th Constantinople Fork. Today we will aim to replicate those trade ideas for the second attempt of the Constantinople Fork Implementation. According to the core developers, the fork will become effective on block number 7,280,000, which should occur on Feb 27th. When looking for opportunities in price movements on a SHORT-TERM thesis, one can use options to get long GAMMA, which essentially allows a trader to get highly leveraged exposure at a low-cost premium.

Below is BitOoda’s Option Run, courtesy of KRM22’s ProOpticus software. This tool is an effective way for us to keep track of option values, and calculate the Greek’s that would be associated with any options structure priced up for our clients.

When exploring opportunities for high GAMMA option plays, we shall look towards the March (3/29/19) options contracts, located in the left most column above. As you can see, the March $125 Straddle is worth ~$30. With the previous build-up, and ensuing let down of the first attempt at the Constantinople fork, we saw a price selloff from ~$155 to ~115 by the time the January options expired. The January $150 Straddle when we wrote our first Morning Report was also ~$30. This trade was a small winner (profited $5 from $30 premium = 16.67% ROI).

We also recommended buying outright At-The-Money Calls or Puts if you had a conviction on price direction. As we saw, the Puts were spectacular, and the Calls were losers.

For this second attempt at the Constantinople Fork, the core developers believe this round will go off without a hitch. If you believe in what they are saying, then buying At-The Money Calls would be your best options strategy here. If you have been following our Vol updates over the last few weeks, BTC vol has been extremely suppressed due to the lack of realized volatility in the space. The implied volatility (option values) should act similarly in ETH vol terms.

The ETH H (3/29/19) $125 Call is worth roughly $12. If you can buy at the calls at this price, that would give you a break even up to $137. Viewing this ETH chart, we feel as though it is just ‘air’ up to ~$150. In other words, we don’t believe we shall see any RESISTANCE until that level as a rally could easily gap to that price.

A Forking event in any protocol has taught us one thing; uncertainty and price volatility are sure to follow. Let’s use our past experiences and observations to take advantage of these opportunities for some speculative profits in a low-risk, high-reward manner.

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