End of Week 2/8/2019

This Week in BitOoda

Weeks feel like months here at BitOoda, which is a good thing. We have been working on many fronts with all our clients and are grateful for the votes of confidence by those reaching out praising our work within these esoteric markets.

Today I want to summarize some things we have done, things we are working on, and things we hope to do looking forward:

  1. Earlier this week, we worked some options and financial swap contracts for GRIN.
  2. We structured a fence (aka a risk reversal) for an ATM client of ours looking to hedge their inventory.
  3. We have helped onboard a crypto payroll firm on Tagomi Systems, our electronic trading platform partner, for seamless/liquid electronic execution.
  4. We have had several mining farms come to us regarding our Hash-Power Weekly Extendable Contract deal who are looking for buyers of hashpower across multiple coins.
  5. We are working with one of the largest miners in the world on the “BitOoda Hash-Spread” which is the cost of electricity vs. output of coin. We are hoping to help this miner capture/lock-in this profit margin to create lower risk profile to entice more Institutional Investors who may be looking for more of a ‘real estate’ play.
  6. We are currently consulting on a 2017 Polkadot [DOT] SAFT: current market is $40/$80 — we are awaiting the legal SAFT Documents from the seller to figure out the transfer process.
  7. To piggyback off of #6, a client has expressed interest in Cosmos/Atoms SAFTS
  8. We have an Asian client looking to trade a large Tether position ratably over the next month (after CNY ends)
  9. We CURRENTLY have a client looking to BORROW XMR (Monero) for a short-term loan — if you are a lender looking to capture extra yield please let us know.
  10. Finally — we will be looking to execute an option hedge for a mining client early next week in BTC. We are currently in the Identify stage regarding risk management process in trying to figure out this miners risks and quantifying their potential PNL outcomes.

We thoroughly enjoy coming to work every day to learn something new in the Digital Asset space, as well as teach our Capital Markets expertise to add value to our clients. We pride ourselves on taking on these unique and challenging tasks and on working our tails off for all of you.

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