Good Morning — as you all know tonight at 7PM EST will be the launch of the Hedera Hashgraph network.

As we prepare for this launch, we have been onboarding folks at a rapid pace in anticipation for trading throughout tonight and into tomorrow morning. As a quick review, BitOoda can help serve clients in both the OTC Voice market, as well as electronically through its partnership with Tagomi who has exchange connectivity to Bittrex.

We are confident this one-two punch of accessing liquidity in the OTC voice market, as well as BitOoda’s ability to use Tagomi’s sophisticated trading algorithms to execute on exchange will give you the most market colour, as well as the best price execution possible.

A quick view of the SAFT Unlocking Schedule can be seen below:

As of right now, the market for Day 1 Unlocked tokens in the OTC Voice market is .09/.095

These prices are constantly moving as extreme market volatility is a common characteristic of a new listing. If you would like to participate in these markets, please reach out to us at ASAP. We would need to get you through the onboarding process BEFORE any prices can be locked in on a purchase or sale of your HBAR’s. We cannot stress this enough.

BitOoda will have a staffed brokerage desk open 24/7 for access to traders throughout the world. If you need to reach the brokerage desk please call (201) 426–4660.

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