As our readers know by now, BitOoda and Tagomi have been selected as one of the initial Liquidity Partners for Hedera Hashgraph. Our team has been blown away with the response as we’ve been working around the clock to onboard clients interested in trading HBARs.

In the midst of this, our desk has just executed our first OTC HBAR trade.

Trade Recap:
HBAR (Day 1) trades .10 .095/.1025 follow

As part of our holistic solution for the trade lifecycle, we will utilize Tagomi Settle. Both the buyer and seller have pre-funded their Tagomi account with fiat and HBAR, respectively, and will have the trade settle atomically. We believe this is critical to mitigate settlement risk by ensuring both parties have funded their side of the trade before any assets are transferred. This function also allows our clients to seamlessly access our deep liquidity network.

If you have interest in trading HBAR, or would like to learn more about BitOoda or Tagomi, please contact our team at

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