Orchid: Privacy on the Blockchain — a BitOoda Advisory Report

BitOoda is pleased to announce the publication of its most recent Advisory Report, titled “Orchid: Privacy on the Blockchain.” Orchid is an early mainstream crypto application that has identified a need for a pay-as-you-go VPN service that could drive meaningful adoption. Click here to access a full version of the report.

Key takeaways:
• Orchid is a blockchain-based VPN provider with the OXT ERC-20 network token.
• Multiple back-end providers who stake tokens for share of traffic / revenue.
• Simple, traditional front-end user experience with a pay-as-you-go model.
• We assess adoption could reach 1.5mm to 4mm users (Bull case) and could achieve up to $11mm in monthly revenue for VPN providers on the network by 2025.
• The Orchid network community and providers may need to develop a robust customer acquisition model to achieve widespread adoption.

Feel free to contact us at info@bitooda.io to discuss this report or BitOoda’s research and advisory program.

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