Sarcophagus: Decentralized Dead Man’s Switch — a BitOoda Advisory Report

BitOoda is pleased to announce the publication of its most recent advisory report, titled “Sarcophagus: Decentralized Dead Man’s Switch.” The Sarcophagus platform is an automated, decentralized dead man’s switch built around blockchain technology to allow users to guarantee the proper, untampered, and permanent transfer of information or assets without a trusted intermediary, based on the absence of activity. Click here to access a full version of the report.

Key takeaways:
· Sarcophagus functions as a dead man’s switch to ensure passage of a payload to a recipient.
· Traditional will and trusts introduce the issue of human error and malicious action — especially with bearer assets.
· Dual encryption provides Sarcophagus users guaranteed delivery of reliable data, with encryption protecting the data from the middle‐man.
· Fees earned by the middleman, who stakes SARCO tokens as a guarantee of appropriate actions, are the key value driver in the token ecosystem.
· Token grants help mitigate adoption challenges.

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