BitOoda is proud to announce our participation in the latest fundraising round by Tagomi, along with Paradigm, Pantera, and Multicoin. We’ve been working very closely with Tagomi, after formally entering into a Strategic Partnership in early January, and have been constantly impressed with their professionalism, vision, and ability to execute. Our experience with their team made it an easy decision to participate in their latest fundraising round, and BitOoda is thrilled that we could strengthen that relationship as the ecosystem continues to grow.

As we surveyed the digital asset landscape, we arrived at the conclusion that we’re certain many others have; there is a significant need for a credible firm to step in and provide prime brokerage services. Tagomi has entered to fill this void, creating a platform that aggregates liquidity from leading digital asset exchanges, HFT firms, and market makers. This solution has not only resulted in unparalleled liquidity, but also brings much needed transparency to a currently opaque market. Tagomi’s liquidity is so abundant, that a majority of the trading day the market is crossed (or inverted) as you can see in the ladder for BTC below. The best BID is $2.18 higher than the lowest OFFER. This is truly remarkable, and we are baffled why a trader would go to any other venue other than Tagomi.

On Tagomi you can clearly see at which venue all of your trades have been executed, as well as where your order was completed relative to the market price via Tagomi’s Execution Report. When going to OTC Market Makers for execution and liquidity services, you will never get a detailed report such as this. In fact, we have experienced some of these counter-parties want to keep you in the dark on which venues they execute on in order to fatten their margins.

Tagomi has also greatly simplified operations for any firm engaged in trading digital assets. While the status quo is having accounts spread across many different trading venues and/or OTC Market Makers, Tagomi allows you to access to these venues without having to manage several accounts. Tagomi acts as a one-stop-shop allowing you to significantly reduce the time spent completing onboarding paperwork, as you just need to complete the process once with Tagomi.

For our readers who may not be aware, Tagomi is our electronic execution partner for spot trading of BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC — which we identified as a perfect complement to our voice execution services. BitOoda is one of Tagomi’s first users and has been Beta testing their platform since early December, working closely with Tagomi’s developers in ironing out the details. We feel very comfortable executing customer orders on Tagomi at this time. This combination allows us to deliver world-class liquidity in all of the large-cap coins, while also being able to provide execution services for our derivatives and structured products.

For any of our readers that would like more information on Tagomi or want to go for a test drive, please reach out so we can help coordinate a demo with the Tagomi team. We want you to know we are here to get you the best execution possible, and with Tagomi as our liquidity provider, and the Electronic Execution desk here at BitOoda, we will strive for nothing less than world-class service.

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